Louise Carter

Louise Carter’s poetry has appeared in Best Australian Poems 2012 & 2015, Westerly, Seizure and Meanjin. She is a member of the Writing & Society Research Centre at Western Sydney University, where she is currently undertaking a Doctor of Creative Arts.


It’s been three weeks since I cleaned the bathroom and it hasn’t been cleaned since. But that’s what you get in a share house – a glorified squat for people who don’t want to pay full rent but dress it …

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In the Meantime

In the meantime, by which I mean the time that is mean which is all time, really – either you want it to stop and keep you suspended in an endless state of ecstasy, or you want it to hurry …

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My Friend’s Mum

“I once loved a hobo in the park.” This was my friend’s mum talking, her papery face suddenly a lantern. I kept prattling as if she’d said something ordinary, something not quite so aligned with my own predicament. A hobo …

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The Rainbow Bird

for Anna-May Her beauty’s a lazy place to start, it’s so easy. How my gaze sinks in like a cream pie projectile; the generous overflow. A springtime offering: she is hay bales and peaches. In a previous life, gingham. My …

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