Louise Carter

Louise Carter's poetry has appeared in Meanjin, Best Australian Poems, Westerly and other publications. Her poem ‘Hot Clouds’ was Highly Commended in the 2018 Judith Wright Poetry Prize, and in 2020 her poem ‘History of Sadness’ was Highly Commended in the Blake Poetry Prize. She is a member of the Writing & Society Research Centre at Western Sydney University, and her first collection Golden Repair is forthcoming with Giramondo Publishing.


Four straps over one shoulder: the usual baggage, plus a blood pressure monitor. At twenty minute intervals it beeps and constricts, measuring my blood as it struggles through tunnels. Hypertension: a gift from my stressed ancestors. I remember my Pop …

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It’s been three weeks since I cleaned the bathroom and it hasn’t been cleaned since. But that’s what you get in a share house – a glorified squat for people who don’t want to pay full rent but dress it …

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In the Meantime

In the meantime, by which I mean the time that is mean which is all time, really – either you want it to stop and keep you suspended in an endless state of ecstasy, or you want it to hurry …

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My Friend’s Mum

“I once loved a hobo in the park.” This was my friend’s mum talking, her papery face suddenly a lantern. I kept prattling as if she’d said something ordinary, something not quite so aligned with my own predicament. A hobo …

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The Rainbow Bird

for Anna-May Her beauty’s a lazy place to start, it’s so easy. How my gaze sinks in like a cream pie projectile; the generous overflow. A springtime offering: she is hay bales and peaches. In a previous life, gingham. My …

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