Linda Godfrey

Linda Godfrey lives and writes in Wollongong. She works as an editor, and is the series editor for Spineless Wonders' microliterature series. She loves the prose poem. She curates the live readings, Little Fictions and the poetry readings Rocket Readings.

night flying to Vienna

cognac, coffee, water left out for restive insomniacs, reading lights on, in front blondes tucked under branded blankets sleeping pills heads tilted eye masks arms slack; a man dreams and dreams of lilac sheets and women while children wait, long-night-ahead …

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Wet weather triggers a flush of fruit, those little vats of flavour. Let’s make some preserves he says you collect the pomegranates I’ll get the jars. I pare the skins, expose the arils, but he’s gone. I climb half an …

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Sunday Rag

Four thirty coal trains bump and grind/ papers on the lawn at five/ bees on blue early/ empty schooner glasses one drink from the pub/ breeze through the window/ scattering bark across/ kept out by glass/spiky coffee that sticks/ old …

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Recording not Thinking in Melbourne

The man wearing a pink plastic nose held on by his glasses is carrying an Adelaide Writers' Festival bag. Once off the tram he lights a cigarette, cupping the nose against the wind. 'During the night, there was a TV …

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