Lidija Šimkutė

Lidija Šimkutė is a bilingual poet and translator. Born in Lithuania, she arrived in Australia in 1949 after five years in a post WWII displaced persons camp in Germany. She extended her Lithuanian studies by correspondence (USA) and at Vilnius University (1977, 1987). Her published collections include three Lithuanian, one English, seven bilingual collections. She has also appeared in the literary journals Meanjin, Southerly, Overland, etc. She was included in World Poetry Anthologies (2008, 2010) & Turnrow’s Anthology of Australian Modern Poetry (2013). Her poetry is translated into 16 languages, used in Theatrical Modern Dance productions and musical compositions by various composers in Lithuania and Australia. She has translated Australian poetry / prose and others into Lithuanian and vice-versa.

Three Translations of Alfonsas Nyka-Niliūnas

Photograph from VDU Tenebrae When you arose from Tenebrae, And first opened your eyes You lay in Eden On the river shores of Hiddekel, Looking at your naked body, That had become word, the word I had to tell you. …

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