Lia Dewey Morgan

Lia Dewey Morgan is a poet and writer living on stolen land in Narrm. She grapples with the continuity and chaos present in contemporary living, using poetry as a toolkit to pry open our muddled moment. Her first book, ‘Bath Songs’, was published with local press nomorepoetry.

‘I am happy to disport in any language that will have me’: Lia Dewey Morgan in Conversation with Jerry Pinto

I must admit that I discovered the language Saint Tukaram spoke, Marathi, in the same breath that I found his poems – a robed form of Saint Tukaram first appeared to me on the cover of a book that was buried in the classics section at the hypermodern Lulu’s mall, in Kochi, India.

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‘The slippage of speakers’: Lia Dewey Morgan in Conversation with Shastra Deo

Shastra Deo’s writing effortlessly transcends cultural rifts, striving from modernist allusion through indulgent fan fiction and out into something entirely unique.

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Orange Rind

An orange almost stripped of its skin, I had been slowly curling the knife around its flesh, careful not to dig too deep. Once the rind was separated, I plonked it in the plunger heaping on teaspoons of coffee, shredded …

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