Lachy McKenzie

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Apologies to Maribyrnong River, I Always Called You a Creek

It seemed to me that the river had risen twice in size since yesterday, like yeast left in the sun. I could see you had the rings of Saturn beneath your eyes. It had been a year of heavy rain …

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Endless Summer, 2017

When it’s 46 degrees Celsius there’s no such thing as separation—you really feel in tune with the world. I bleached my hair in solidarity with the reef but ended up reflecting the political climate. There’s no use crying over the …

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Dream Diary, Anderton Street

I dreamt that our kitchen cupboards were no longer kept in logical order. This was cause enough to welcome heartbreak. The drawback of a dream, like unrequited love, is that only one person can occupy it at a time. Luckily, …

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