Kristian Patruno

Kristian Patruno is an Australian poet whose works have appeared in Westerly, Rabbit, Southerly, Otoliths, and Cordite. Additionally, Kristian’s visual poetry was exhibited in POETRY 2017 an exhibition of text-based works that bear a formal relationship to the space they occupy (George Paton Gallery, University of Melbourne Australia).


He laid his mind out like parquetry on the floor all different grains & shades connected a maze of mandala like geometries of finer polish than he’d ever thought. He watched the sun play across its face fingertips tracing smoothes …

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The Summer that Fires Raged

for the Artist of Artists Leonard Cohen played, the great poet played, touring as I first gave myself to you in a pour of valentines rain where the hipster suburb we washed through bloomed roses Spraypainted along the bricks of …

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