Kirk Marshall

Kirk Marshall is a Melbourne-based writer, and teacher of English Literature and Media (Film & T.V. Studies) at RMIT University. He has written for more than seventy publications, both in Australia and overseas, including Award Winning Australian Writing, Wet Ink, Going Down Swinging, Voiceworks, Verandah, Visible Ink, fourW and Mascara Literary Review. He edits Red Leaves / 紅葉, the English-language / Japanese bi-lingual literary journal. Kirk’s début short-story collection, Carnivalesque, And: Other Stories, was published by Black Rider Press in November, 2011. Kirk’s first standalone novella, The Signatory, was published by Skylight Press (U.K.) in April, 2012. “Midnight Jackdaw on the Jackpot Blacktop” is an excerpt from a new novella of prosodic verse entitled “Vampire Drive”, which is perhaps best synopsised as an amalgam of Dick Tracy’s freaks and Barry Hannah’s fire.

Midnight Jackdaw on the Jackpot Blacktop

The fact was that everyone was acting on an intention to kill. The knuckles in Cottage Apple’s right palm were flinty pistons rotating beneath his sailing overcoat. When Sapling Delicious was within charging distance of Brick Picnic, something heroic and …

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