Julie Jedda Janson

Julie Jedda Janson is a playwright, novelist and award-winning poet. She is a Burruberongal woman of Darug Aboriginal Nation. In 2016, Janson was the co-recipient of the Oodgeroo Noonuccal Poetry Prize and in 2019, the winner of the Judith Wright Poetry Prize. Her novels include The Crocodile Hotel (Cyclops Press, 2015), The Light Horse (Nibago, 2018), and Benevolence (Magabala, forthcoming in 2020). She has produced ten plays, including two at Belvoir St Theatre.


Wild as a black Darug crow She is lead on a chain. Behind a horse, arse in her face 
black tail, flies flicking
 The man shouts, his eyes on her breast. Ragged white fella dress 
Handed a tin pannikin of …

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