Juffri Supa'at

Juffri Supa'at is a Senior Librarian with the National Library, Singapore. He has published his own collection of poetry titled XXL: Anak muda julung berkeris (1999). He has also contributed to several anthologies and has curated several exhibitions featuring the works of Malay literary pioneers such as Masuri S. N., Muhammad Ariff Ahmad and Abdul Ghani Hamid. He edited Catatan Perjalanan (2017), an anthology of poems and short stories, and the bibliography of Singapore Malay Literature.

Song of Tebrau | Senandung Tebrau

Straits of Tebrau I crossed you looking for a friend long unseen because you are a witness to an old story when we used to love fusing affection with faithful promises. But … Why now the lack of feelings and …

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