Josh Cake

Josh Cake was born and raised in Melbourne, on the unceded land of the Kulin Nation, and has written, taught, and performed in Australia, Italy, and France. Josh writes music, comedy, and poetry for a variety of contexts - from US video games and Scandinavian theatre to ABC radio and the National Gallery of Victoria. He teaches writing and performance at universities and in one-on-one lessons, and is returning to live performance of music, comedy, and poetry in December 2020. His recent releases include a poem in the bushfire poetry anthology Messages From The Embers, composing music for Vironika Wilde's spoken word album Too Much For You, and a YouTube comedy series that delves into jaywalking, getting paid to pat dogs, and racism in the arts industry.

I am forever guilty of whiteface

he has to pick a costume. brown can be his costume. he buys face paint from a migrant. she knows what and why she is selling. cash or card? she must always offer options to others. how can a swift …

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