John Luna

John Luna is a writer, artist and teacher of art history, based on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Poetry comprises part of a larger practice incorporating sculpture, installation work and performance, as well as critical writing and curating. He is married and has three children. Decoupage Publishing is producing his first collection, Listing, for late 2014.

Frames (part 6)

At the bottom of the painting, write any word (for instance, “mother.”) Now wait for more words, more names, for requests or invocations, to fill the perimeter of the frame. As in nebulous blooms of mold that featured, like repeats …

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OK’s and Equals (part 3)

Figures walking toward you in the fog look like they are here to conduct an intervention. Trees (birch – poplar – ash?), noughts and crosses of dusty dusk, stacked up (thank you Klimt, for birches as a forest of upright, …

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