John Bartlett

John Bartlett is the author of three novels, a collection of short stories and published non-fiction. He is also the author of the full-length poetry collection Awake at 3am (2020) and the chapbooks Songs of the Godforsaken (2020) and The Arms of Men (2019). He was the winner of the 2020 Ada Cambridge Poetry Prize.

John Bartlett Reviews Kevin Brophy and Linda Adair

Despite the publishing limitations in 2020 caused by the COVID-19 restrictions, Melbourne Poets Union remarkably released seven chapbooks last year in its new Blue Tongue Poets and Red-bellied Poets series, all under the auspices of the soon-to-retire editor, Tina Giannoukos.

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Ti-tree flowers mistaken for snow A bird on an aimless afternoon How much time is left to me and why are you walking ahead? A bird on an aimless afternoon Clouds gather like bargain hunters and why are you walking …

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