Joanne Burns

Joanne Burns's most recent poetry collection is brush, Giramondo Publishing 2014, which won the 2016 NSW Premier's Kenneth Slessor Poetry Prize. She lives in Sydney.


take it from here: the sky and its rattles just amnesia's litter the three day order waiting above the cook top essential ingredients lost to the pen's failing muscle: negotiations for an egg cup of freshly squeezed ink never seem …

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Shelf Life

from ‘skim reading’ in the churning waters of the auburn municipal pool a boy is swimming like chairman mao in cheap goggle. mickey mouse donates his top hat to a rock at lourdes. awaiting instruction in the art of patient …

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truce: the humid handshake

thunder in the border lounge the carpet runs for cover the apricot armrest wears its amputation like an official decoration, say the order of australia, the bathroom of the failed statistic steams like a fragrant wonton where are the rusks, …

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cheap crisp and pocket size recorded sounds of nature on compact disc or tape mountain stream waterfall river desert snowfall rainforest swamp; birdcall crocodile stallion snake and – the eternal crystal spring: slip them into your ears quicker than you …

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