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Diary Poem: Uses of the Nobel Prize

In her comment on my poem about Borges in Geneva —where he and the Archetypal Critic from Australia, on the blue shores of the Lake, haunted each other, both bluely haunted by the Nobel Prize—a reviewer remarked she could think …

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Diary Poem: Uses of Dreams

I have been reading Coleridge on dreams -in an email to the author from Lisa Gorton) I dream that the dead are living. Katharine says soft dreams where the loved dead seem reciprocal and living are really nightmares to suffer, …

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Icon and Iconoclasm

Lachlan Brown called, in an interview with Fiona Wright, a quote from my essay The Suburban Problem of Evil his favourite one on the Suburbs: saying I said, “nowhere else can the eternal and the eternally reversing dialectic between icon …

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George and the Holy Holiday

George Jeffreys woke up in a sand lagoon on a Wollongong beach on his back. He had just relaxed enough to close his eyes, when a group of holidaymakers grew concerned above him, debating if he’d died. George reached warily …

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Diary Poem: Uses of Silence

The great basso profundo Vladimir Miller explained that the reason Russia loves the bass voice is that there are no musical instruments in Church so that the profoundly resonant singer holds the sound of the choir together. When I mention …

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