Jennifer Harrison

Jennifer Harrison is a Melbourne child psychiatrist and poet. She has published five poetry collections and two anthologies of Australian poetry. Her fifth collection, Colombine: New & Selected Poems (Black Pepper), was shortlisted for the 2011 Western Australian Premier’s Poetry Prize. In 2009 she co-edited Motherlode: Australian Women’s Poetry 1986-2008 (Puncher & Wattmann. For 2012 Jennifer has a research position at the Dax Centre, the national collection of mental health art, which is housed at the University of Melbourne. Together with fellow poet Jessica Raschke she will be curating poetry for the collection. Jennifer has received many awards for her poetry including the Anne Elder Award and the Martha Richardson Poetry Medal. Recently she was awarded the 2011 Christopher Brennan Medal for sustained contribution to Australian poetry.

Re-inscriptions of ‘Aus-lan’

SoundscapesWe relate strongly to the way women have, throughout the centuries, found alternative avenues for their voices using different aesthetic forms. Our interest is with words, images, the interplay of verbal and visual languages in art, the role of words as images and the state of ‘silence’ created by cryptic or unintelligible scripts.

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San Gimignano

I saw a girl drinking absinthe— I saw her rural eyes and Florentine hands— an ivy-coated wall behind, cool as a lover. I drank from a fountain in the plaza its marble head sad as a ruined epigram the water …

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