Jane Williams

Jane Williams is an Australian writer best known for her poetry. She is currently working on her tenth collection of poems Depth of Field, an exploration of the role photographs play in how we see ourselves in the context of emigration and family dynamics, supported by Arts Tasmania and a Hosking Houses Trust residency in England.


Knowing the future can stop play we shun the prophets in favour of any game of chance. Dad on his back in the grass relaxed in a way I don’t remember – white polo shirt and creased trousers knees bent …

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The body has become its own refrain

The body has become its own refrain, a silent roll call ticking off each night, no more the vagaries of loss and gain. The family visits, dress-rehearsing pain. Let go they whisper nothing more to fight. The body has become …

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the same drought part of the australian bush as yesterday only waking to a flash flood water sliding the balding hill and shifting my inner landscape to a kind of environmentally aware comfort zone the top soil gone I am …

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Churches of the Developed World

(a partly found poem) to light a candle drop any coin into the slot (more coins may be required for longer prayers) on medical advice communion is to be made by receiving the bread only (salivation is to be kept …

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In the Wee Hours

Otherwise faithfuls whisper wrong names into the ears of lovers who keep breathing but do not stir do not give the impression they heard a word out of place A child wakes sits bolt upright in bed but still asleep …

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The Lodger

outgrown the body simply drags what it can’t carry mouth slack as a stroke but eyes the colour of bees we are at the centre of all that flowers in the lodger and when he shows himself we must take …

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