Hind Shoufani

Hind Shoufani is a Palestinian writer/filmmaker. A Fulbright scholar with an MFA in Film from NYU, she's also a 2011 fellow at the IWP program at Iowa University. Hind ran a platform for performing poetry called The Poeticians for ten years in the Middle East, and has edited two anthologies between Beirut and Dubai. Her poetry books are "More Life Than Death Could Bear' and "Inkstains On The Edge Of Light", and she's performed and published her work in various European, Arab and American cities. She's currently working on her third poetry collection and her second feature film.

How did the gods make skin waterproof, asks my lover

London, August 30th, 2019 Her beauty blotted out the screech of metal on wheels, trains in the anxious depths, big city loudness. Tattoos— on joints, a cryptic symbol or ten. On calf, a dragon exhaling. Clavicle: the spread wings of …

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