Hind Shoufani

Hind Shoufani is a multidisciplinary Palestinian/American filmmaker & writer, who grew up in the liberation movement. Hind once lived all across the Arab world & is now exploring Brooklyn, again. Her film work has garnered a BAFTA win & an Oscar nomination for the film The Present & her latest documentary, Heavy Metal, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2023. Her award-winning first feature film Trip Along Exodus has screened in over 40 countries. Hind has published creative essays, prose & poetry in international journals, magazines & anthologies, & has been a director, producer & editor of documentaries for over 25 years, globally. She is currently attempting a Coming-Of-Middle-Age hybrid-genre lust & politics memoir, her second feature film, & some semblance of purpose & meaning in the zeitgeist.

How did the gods make skin waterproof, asks my lover

London, August 30th, 2019 Her beauty blotted out the screech of metal on wheels, trains in the anxious depths, big city loudness. Tattoos— on joints, a cryptic symbol or ten. On calf, a dragon exhaling. Clavicle: the spread wings of …

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