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Helga Jermy

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Helga Jermy's poems have appeared in various publications including Australian Poetry Journal, Rabbit Journal, Cordite Poetry Review and Hunter Anthology of Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetry. Her work has been shortlisted for the Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize for New and Emerging Poets 2015 and long listed for the National Poetry Prize UK 2016. A new collection, ‘Firebird Baltic Blue’, is forthcoming. She was born in the UK and now lives on Tasmania’s northwest coast.

6 equal pieces

two gulls squawk and defecate on the head of a penguin statue. here in the state’s northwest it is just an idle gesture like tide pounding marbles on beach walls. the bay is a bad act of geometry. we can …

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In Line

. . . If I stand here with my references and wad of cash but I won’t stand here with my references and wad of cash I am tenth in a line of borrowed suits and excuses and my hair …

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