Helen Parsons

Helen Parsons lives in Adelaide. Her work has appeared in Meanjin, Island, Australian Poetry Journal and other publications.

The Photographs

Resolution She takes upon herself his varied visions. She serves his art as priestess, holding still for the long minutes needed as the shapes impress themselves upon the coated glass. He turns his lens on every part of her: the …

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When I lift the lid of the bin and see the flick and coil of worms as they dive from the light my heart is lifted and as I sit at my desk it comforts me to think upon their …

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The Ten Thousand Things

Slopes with their sparse green bushes and the black asphalt of the freeway funnel me southward so that I slide into a space between: I’m on the road, in transit, transitory, an atom moving with the other atoms. Enclosure and …

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Georgia O’Keeffe & Alfred Stieglitz Their lives have split apart but still they spend the winter months, those short dark days, together. And their connection has become a myth for both of them, a structure that lives on. I saw …

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The Art of Fugue

Angela Hewitt in concert, October 2013 There were two silences. One I had expected. Where the final contrapunctus breaks, unfinished, she had asked us to be silent and we were. It was as if Bach had just died, as if …

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