Harry Giles

Harry Giles is a writer and performer from Orkney, living in Edinburgh. He founded Inky Fingers Spoken Word and co-directs the live art platform ANATOMY. He has published two pamphlets Visa Wedding (Stewed Rhubarb, 2012) and Oam: Poems fae Govanhill Baths (Stewed Rhubarb, 2013); he was the 2009 BBC Scotland slam champion; and he won the 2012 IdeasTap national poetry competition. His participatory theatre has been programmed by such festivals as Forest Fringe, Buzzcut, NTI (Latvia), Bunker (Slovenia), and CrisisArt (Italy). His performance What We Owe was picked by the Guardian's best-of-the-Fringe 2013 roundup – in the 'But Is It Art?' category.


At the edge o a time, the tide n the licht begin tae tell thir sweir-drawn bye-the-nou thegither – the saft saund-slaikin-straikin, the sunslant stellin an oor in lamer, the ootrug gaan a bittie faurder ilka turn – awthegither: twa …

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It took two looks to see him – snapped head and loose jaw, silent moviewise. The boy who broke me in, my head, my skin, up, said ‘a break- down would do you good’. The change snuck him past me, …

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