Gary Thornell

Gary Thornell is a found poet and Buddhist psychotherapist, currently living in Leichhardt, Sydney; previously unpublished, but a runner-up in the Ulrick and Bellevue Literary Review competitions.

Label the Provinces

Label the provinces: She

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Here in the Public Sauna

1. 'Then go ahead and put your nothing in my basket,' Paul offered. We begin our evolutionary strategy in earnest: Here in the public sauna before you so that you too can, in parks with department store catalogues, the ghost …

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Could Anyone Be Bothered

Could anyone be bothered pressing these flecks of leaf and breakfast smudges and wattle pollen in one tidy package vanquished with a smirk? i thought you could tell me. Sometimes I lick the underside of his person as a series …

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Falling for you, or at least in front of you, I measure my length, fathoming myself, Along the independent variable of time or narrative I find masturbation necessary but insufficient Stand on a chair and look at that stain long …

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