Georgina Williams

Ngankiburka-Mekauwe (Senior Woman-of Water) Georgina Williams is Clan-to-Country Custodian Southern / Northern Kaurna (Yerta), Parnka/Ramindjeri to Narungga / Adjadhura; Keeper of the Peace lore / Law of Tjirbruki / Tjilbruke. She has a decades-long history of activism and spiritual/cultural work through the ‘Arts of Life’; ‘coming home’ to her father’s Southern Kaurna Clan Country in the early 70s when the Kaurna people of the Adelaide Plains were referred to as extinct.

Coming Home | Ngaityo Wodlianna Parni Budna-ndi

Georgina Williams, 1985 | Yambo Ngangkiburka Kartanya-Ityanungku, 1985rlu, Piltabilu, 1999rlu. Translated by Rob Amery, Georgina Williams and Paul Dixon on 13 July, 1999 (revised spelling by Rob Amery on 3 February, 2016. dedicated to Kudnarto I am an Old Spirit …

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