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Georgina Williams, 1985 | Yambo Ngangkiburka Kartanya-Ityanungku, 1985rlu, Piltabilu, 1999rlu.
Translated by Rob Amery, Georgina Williams and Paul Dixon on 13 July, 1999 (revised spelling by Rob Amery on 3 February, 2016.

dedicated to Kudnarto

I am an Old Spirit
Born to this new world
Taken from this place to die
Stripped and beaten
My land you claimed
and call your own

Old Spiriy
Red Earth

Narrung’-kaurna is my name
Yes I am an Old Spirit
Sporned today in this new form
Before I was here I slept in peace
Buried deep a seed
Inside my mother’s girth

Old Spirit
Red Earth

Ravaged and torn … weary and worn
She laboured in my birth
Then to her bosom I was drawn
Tenderly she suckled me

Old Spirit
Red Earth

Now I feel the pain
Fear, anxious upon the face appear
What was I born for; what must I die for?
I labour on where time stands still
Yet always I am born anew

Old Spirit
Red Earth

Silent in the night
My father gave his seed
To lie in wait
To germinate

Old Spirit
Red Earth

Out of the dust of these old bones I rise
My silence shattered, by the glaring neon light
In full circle I bear this child anew
Narrung’-kaurna her name.

My        home-to        towards come-PRES

Ngai bukkiana towilla
I        old / ancient spirit
Kurlanna parto yerta-ngga worni
New        big        land-in        was born
Ngaityo wodli-unangko manki madli-titya
My        home-from        took        die-in order to
             Turnki mari-appi, kunda-nanna
Clothes undress-CAUS beat-having
             Ngaityo yerta nindo manki
My        land        you+ERG took
Tarka-nanna ninko-andi
Call-having (it) yours-EXCL

Bukkiana towilla
Old / Ancient Spirit
Karko yerta
Red Ochre Earth

Narrung’-kaurna ngai narri
Narrung’-kaurna I name
Ne, ngai bukkiana towilla
Yes I        Old / Ancient Spirit
Natta yurlo-rendi kurlana-ni
Now        appear-REFL_PRES new-became
Bitti ngai budni ngai medotungki
Before I        arrived I        sound asleep
Wongatti yakki yitpi
Buried        deep        a seed
Trukkungga ngaityaii munto-ngga
Inside        my.mother-stomach-in

Bukkiana towilla
Old / Ancient Spirit
Karko yerta
Red Ochre Earth

Paltapaltari yarruri wirrani burtunna
Beaten / knocked around torn        weary worn out
Pa kathi budnatti ngaityo worni-ngga
She exhaustion arrived        my birth-in
Ngammi-anna ngai kuratti
Breast-to        I drew near / approached / touched
Naingu padlu ngai ngami nuinpi-pi-thi
Tenderly she+ERG me breast        suckle-CAUS-PAST.IMP

Bukkiana towilla
Old / Ancient Spirit
Karko yerta
Red Ochre Earth

Nata ngarntarrinth’ai
Now I am in pain
Wai yurlurrinthi, wiltirrkayinthi
Fear appear-REFL-PRES feeling frightened / anxious
             Nganaitya ngai warni? Nganaitya ngai padlu-ingku?
What for        I        born        What for        I        die-must
Ngai warpulayinthi tirntu-intyarlu yuwanthi
I        work / labour in time        standing still
Tudnu, ngai kurlana warniwarnithi
Always        I        new        born again and again

Bukkiana towilla
Old / Ancient Spirit
Karko yerta
Red Ochre Earth

Ngulthi-ngka warratina
Night-in        silent(=voice noise without)
Ngaityarli-rlu yitpi yungkithi
My.father-ERG seed would give
Wanti katpirri-titya
Lie        wait-to (i.e. to lie in wait)
Yitpi tarn-titya
Seed germinate-to

Bukkiana towilla
Old / Ancient Spirit
Karko yerta
Red Ochre Earth

             Murdu-nangku itu purtuna warpu ngai tarninthi
Dust-from these old / worn out bones I        rise
Kudlayurlu yartarrinthi kardlayirdi-rlu
Quiet / peace shattered        light-by
Kurruru munthu-ngka ngathu yaintya kurlana ngartu kangkanthi
Circle        stomach(i.e. full)-in I +ERG this        new child bring.forth
Narrung’-kaurna pa nari.
Narrung’-kaurna        she name.

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