Georgia Kartas

Georgia Kartas is a poet and performer. Their research explores the relationship between quantum physics and metaphysics, as a pathway to radical re-worlding. They are a 2020-21 Wheeler Centre Hot Desk fellow, bookseller, tarot reader, and co-curator of Thin Red Lines, a quarterly poetry event in Naarm.

To Dream of a Warthog

“means that your life has been so boring and and it needs some challenge and excitement” & it was just a baby The scene in Tokyo Godfathers where the trio run through the streets trying to find the stolen baby …

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spooky action at a distance

I. Something drops onto my left shoulder as we dreamfuck each other’s outlines. I scream A COCKROACH. They brush it off but the threat is still there and the bedroom is too messy and there are too many places for …

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