Gail Ingram

Gail Ingram's poetry and short stories have appeared in numerous publications, including Poetry New Zealand, Atlanta Review, Blue Five Notebook and Meniscus. Her first poetry collection Contents Under Pressure includes two award-winning poems and will be launched in Christchurch New Zealand April 2019. She is a poetry editor for takahē magazine and a short fiction editor for Flash Frontier.

How I witch 1692

I bid you prick these thorns into these women’s likenesses for they have upset you. It feels so good to press and twist into the imprinted wooden faces, imagining the thorn’s poison spreading through the bloods’ stream, the women complaining …

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Faithful to You, Te Tarahaka o Kaimatau

Though the clouds fled from your armpits in spectacular foggy spirals, he gave me red dust compacted and thrust above the curved earth. Below I saw the Early Ones warm their hands over fire offering up babies wrapped in skin …

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