Francesca da Rimini

Francesca da Rimini is a writer, artist, performer, and co-founder of cyberfeminist group VNS Matrix. Her practice oscillates between solo and collaborative experiments, and she is currently working with Virginia Barratt as In Her Interior. Recent works, including delighted by the spectacle, hexecutable, songs for skinwalking the drone, lips becoming beaks, and The Tender Alembicians Suite combine rule-driven poetry, fugue states and prophesies, producing hexes against Capital.

nest (becoming-penguin)

a spirit jumping from the back of a falling star onto a baby as it’s being born gives the baby its breath and spirit that’s how Murrawarri man, Fred Hooper, tells it in a yarning circle of land and justice …

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Loss Baby

      1. Loss       As we are building xenofam, connecting over cooking coding coddling, talking over tables, texts and emails without subject lines, we are simultaneously creating the conditions for experiences of loss and nostalgia.       Conditions feeding hrepenenje – that Slovenian concept …

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