Emma Lew

Emma Lew wrote two books of poetry: The Wild Reply and Anything the Landlord Touches. She lives in Richmond, Victoria.

Rattling the Forms

I wanted to dissolve my marriage, explode the limits, seek comfort, oblivion, anything in caves, on a whaling ship, in a hundred other places. Shrewd reverie in my perilous head, I struck out through the shambling waves: I wanted to …

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Arraignment Song

The same show every time – that’s death Flash boat, fast cars – it’s all going to end Go cosy, slow, investigate Dead ten years when the letter was mailed Flash boats, fast cars – it’s all going to end …

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Adultery fucks a family up as much as poverty Because the memories can’t run away from home That’s a lot of hatred from a mother Nothing I’d care to discuss right now Because the memories can’t run away from home …

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Her Embroideries

He was the shadow of the deep bed. He was very beautiful, and as always there was something perfect, as though I were his cousin. On the map he had shown me a forest, but there was no such forest, …

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Now, Some Facts

I’m related to Karl Marx My great great great great great grandfather ruled Poland for a month Anna Freud babysat my mother My great grandfather never had a hole in his teeth Stampeding horses tore my grandfather’s thumb My great …

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