David Xiang

David Xiang is an aspiring poet, currently studying at Harvard College in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He fell in love with writing poetry as a freshman in high school, after attending the Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop. In 2015, he was selected as a National Student Poet, America's highest honor for youth poets. He gave his inaugural poetry reading at the White House at the invitation of former First Lady Michelle Obama, and has shared his experiences with poetry at high schools and conferences all over the nation. At Harvard, he has taken classes with Josh Bell and Jorie Graham, and is on the poetry board at the Harvard Advocate.

Looking out the window on a foggy night

your light struggles recoups under sprinkler dirge supports broken tree branches stacked by sidewalk end unsuspecting snapping something inside NO ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON THIS INCIDENT this painting is silent and still wooden box shrouded in moon cloud occasional rustle pulled …

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