Danijela Trajković

Danijela Trajković is a Serbian poet, short story writer, reviewer and translator. She holds an MA in English language and literature from the University of Philosophy in Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia. Her work has been published worldwide in journals, newspapers and anthologies, including, most recently, World Poetry Almanac, edited by Dr Hadaa Sendoo, and Balkan Poetry Today, edited by Tom Phillips. Danijela’s first book of translated poetry, 22 Wagons, was published in 2018 by Istok Academia, Knjaževac.

4 Self-translations by Danijela Trajković

Passionfruit Honey I did not look for you on any road the roads grew tired of us so quickly anyway in the meadows where we ran there are no birds anymore I did not look for you at the village …

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