Daniel Jenatsch

Daniel Jenatsch is an Artist, Composer, Musician and Performer. He is a member of music group ‘Sky Needle’ and performance art collective ‘New Forms of Life’. His work has been featured in Mathew Barney and Jonathan Beplers’ river of fundament, Arto Lindsays’ Penny Parade, KimSooja’s threadroutes, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Something Raw festival Amsterdam, NAISA, HKW berlin, the Athens Biennale, Multifon Frankfurt and Megapolis, New York.

Along the Highway, 1999

Written by: Autumn Royal Sound production by: Daniel Jenatsch Spoken by: Autumn Royal, Daniel Jenatsch, and Harriet Gregory [audio:|titles=Along the Highway, 1999] Along the Highway, 1999 (7:23) Sun sparks against the cold curve of moon, sand returns to the colour …

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