C S Giscomb

C S Giscombe’s poetry books are Prairie Style, Giscome Road, Here, etc.; his book of linked essays (concerning Canada, race, and family) is Into and Out of Dislocation. His recognitions include the 2010 Stephen Henderson Award, an American Book Award (for Prairie Style) and the Carl Sandburg Prize (for Giscome Road). Ohio Railroads (a poem in essay form) was published in 2014 and Border Towns (essays on poetry, color, nature, television, etc.) will appear in 2015. He teaches at the University of California, Berkeley. He is a long-distance cyclist.

from Early Evening

1. Red-tail eating a plump squirrel in one of the elm trees. I’d meditated already, had a hedge on the night but owned nothing past that. Surrounded by crows in three of the other elms—who had come suddenly out of …

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