Colin Robinson

Colin Robinson's writing appears in publications, films and choreography—including his Peepal Tree Press poetry collection You Have You Father Hard Head ; the Commonwealth Opinion 'Decolonising Sexual Citizenship' (2012); Marlon Riggs’s film Anthem; 'Lessons' by Ronald K Brown’s Evidence: and several serials and anthologies. He is co-editor of 'Firing the Canon' in Moko: Caribbean Arts & Letters 7, and appears in Think Again, Black/Out 2:2 We Are Family, Other Countries: Black Gay Voices, which won the 1988 Council on Literary Magazines & Presses seed award, and Blackheart 3: The Telling of Us; field producer for the film Tongues Untied; and co-creator of the Studio Museum in Harlem’s first three responses to 'A Day Without Art' and Tongues Unchained at the Kumble Theatre.

Tony’s Taxi Service

on the way back i rode three hours on hurricaned roads wheels in the early morning hands of a brown-armed man with well healed scars getting married tomorrow who called my name over and over bought me breakfast with all …

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