Christian Thompson

Born 1978, Gawler South Australia () Christian Thompson is an Australian-born, London-based internationally acclaimed contemporary artist. He is an Inaugural Charlie Perkins Scholar and one of the first Aboriginal Australians to be accepted into the University of Oxford in it's 900 year history, where he is currently reading for a Doctorate of Philosophy (Fine Art) at Trinity College. His formal training is sculpture however his multidisciplinary practice that has spanned more than a decade engages mediums such as photography, video, sculpture, performance and sound. Interweaving traditional or vintage props with elements of pop culture and garish touches from the 1980s, he is known for his subtle references to land and culture of the Bidjara people. His work provocatively explores a myriad of themes from the sensorial replication of childhood memories of the Australian desert hinterland, the critical parody and deconstruction of the identity of the artist and the mythology of landscape.

11 Artwork by Christian Thompson

Christian Thompson | Danger Will Come | 2012 | We Bury Our Own series | 100cm x 100cm

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