Charlotte Raymond

Charlotte Raymond is a Melbourne poet who uses poetry to explore identity. Born to a Filipino mother and a Sri Lankan father her work focuses on identity, the integration of culture and the emotions that manifest in presenting as a queer woman of colour. She has featured at poetry events across Melbourne including Mother Tongue, Griffin Speak Girls on Key as well as performing at the Emerging Writers Festival, Melbourne Writers Festival and Digital Writers Festival. She has performed as part as World Travel 2018 in Sydney and is also a three time winner of slam-poetry event Slamalamadingdong. Her work has been published in DJed Press a publication that exclusively publishes POC as well as in the Journal for the Federation for Ethnic Communities Council of Australia. She will be travelling to Auckland in 2019 to perform as part of the Auckland Fringe Festival.

The Melanin Monologue

||How do you tell your teenage self to stop drinking those bottles of bleach?|| The lacerations left behind by Dove’s latest racist ad campaign Slices its way through layers of caramel and chocolate skin. And apologies may be made, We …

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