Chantal Danjou

Chantal Danjou is the author of more than thirty works of poetry, essay and prose. Born in Algeria, she spent many years in Paris and now lives and works in the Var district of Provence. In 1985 Danjou gained her doctorate from La Sorbonne, writing on Colette and Katherine Mansfield. Since 1989 she has been a founding contributor to the poetry organisation La Roue Traversière. Some of her more recent publications are La Concomitante (2017), L’Ancêtre sans visage (with artist Ena Lindenbaur, 2016), L’Ombre et l’invisible (with Ena Lindenbaur, 2017) and the novels Les Jardins d’essais (2017) and Journal de la main (2017). An essay on Henri Yéru, titled Le Souffle du noir, is forthcoming. Two of the five poems translated here first appeared in France in 2018. They comprise a suite entitled Réhabilitation des enfers [Rehabilitation of the Inferno].

Translated Extracts from Chantal Danjou

Rehabilitation of the Inferno If Yellow (Extracts) an odour of cut grass she who walks falters land of deceiving linearity like creases in a pillow black and white slumber one foot in a dream the other harried bust opening its …

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