Carina So

Carina So is a Chinese Filipino writer. Having recently finished her Masters at the University of Sydney, she is currently living in Gadigal land. As she peeks through the doorways of the Australian literary community, she is mustering up the courage to whisper a shy hello through poetry after living in the country for two years.


( i.) we eat with our h a n d s ba na na leaf plate sp a nn ing a table or two how many h ands can we count covers tropical banana (.) savannah of g lo s …

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The Magic Ball as a (Representational) Diagram

[See Fig. 1 below to print and construct the poem.] Fig. 1 An Unfolded Poem (on one of its sides) Sidenote: An Adjacent Description of Folding 4. is this word is written between checkerboard creases reminiscent of calligraphy worksheets in …

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