Brenda Saunders

Brenda Saunders is a descendant of the Wiradjuri Nation living in Sydney. She has published a chapbook and two poetry collections. Her most recent book, Looking for Bullin Bullin won the Scanlon Prize in 2014 and she is presently preparing her new manuscript ‘Microcosmos’ for publication. Her work appears regularly in national and international anthologies and journals and she is a poetry mentor for Black Cockatoo, the Emerging Indigenous Poetry site at Verilty La.

Cullen Bullen

The bus takes the old road from Lithgow past signs to Capertee, Wallerawang Tarana, Ben Bullen Places echoing tribal words, their meaning lost, misspelt by settlers moving onto Country I follow the road to ‘Invincible Colliery’, pace the high fence, …

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Kokartha women share tales of living from the land, walking forever through wattle country In a good season, yellow balls blaze with the scent of honey Wirilda fills the desert air Husks wait for years, for fire to open each …

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Payback in ’78

At Bre’ the Rainbow Serpent flows from sponges in colours pre-mixed in tins. Children reach up to spread the curving back along the school wall clammer to track his path in psychedelic spots The river is a creamy slurry waiting …

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