Ashley Haywood

Ashley Haywood is a writer, artist and poet whose work often dwells in the art-science nexus. She is the inaugural recipient of the UQ Fryer Library Creative Writing Fellowship, thrice shortlisted in the Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize (2020, 2021, 2022), and Category Winner in the QRAA Ekphrasis Challenge (2020). Ashley's poetry has appeared in Cordite, Australian Poetry Anthology, Australian Poetry Journal, Meanjin, Southerly, Rabbit and elsewhere. She lives on Ningy Ningy and Gubbi Gubbi Country.

Complex Cells

after Wendy Wheeler after Lynn Margulis After Earth’s form- loose Hadean days (perfuse with time- fullness) death turns out to be open- mouthed, a dwelling- made emptiness for one-and-other— different kinds of undoing in failed acts of eating for form— …

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Salt Lake

Pulse: peal of bone— I open my mouth to empty out this sphere. Soundless-sound hangs its presence. Pale sky englobes me— Am I gravity- free? I take a step inside. Time rushes through me. A doorway shuts—walls, walls—a gypsum tomb! …

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