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Ashley Brown Reviews LeAnne Howe

Huksuba, or chaos occurs when Indians and Non-Indians bang their heads together in search of cross-cultural understanding. The sound is often a dull thud, and the lesson leaves us all with a bad headache.

So begins the second section of Choctaw American poet LeAnne Howe's fourth collection Evidence of Red. Within its one hundred and one pages, which have already won a number of major awards such as the Oklahoma Book Award earlier this year, this book incorporates many literary mediums such as poetry, theatre, prose, character dialogue and adapted transcript.

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Ashley Brown Reviews Angela Costi

To begin with, it should be noted that Angela Costi's Prayers For The Wicked – a CD of “spoken word, song, music and sound” – tells a tale of Greek Australians, deals with many traditional topics, and occasionally features Greek dialogue; and I myself am not Greek, and know none of the language. Some would argue hence that I am inappropriate to review this work, but it must be remembered that much of the potential audience of this work – and surely they should be taken into account – will not be of Greek descent, thus not possessing the bilingual luxury that I too lack.

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