Anna Hayman-Arif

Anna Hayman-Arif is a poet, a writing student at Deakin University and a slightly potty mother of five from Melbourne, Australia. Anna’s work has been published in Deakin University’s Wordly magazine and in Meniscus. She has performed her poetry at Writers Victoria. In a past life Anna was an English teacher who talked way too much. She got into intense debates about the relevancy of Shakespeare with 13-year-olds. When she is not poet-ing Anna can be found talking nonsense to one of her three cats and dog or feeding her family of magpies.

Baby Greys

Weak, wintery sunlight illuminates the fine layer of dust that has settled on every flat surface and crept into every crevice like a malignant fungus hell-bent on colonising my living room. I pace. Jeans too-tight over my bottom, the flesh …

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