Anita Lahey

Anita Lahey is a poet, journalist, reviewer and essayist. Her collection The Mystery Shopping Cart: Essays on Poetry and Culture, was recently published by Palimpsest Press. She is the also author of two poetry collections: Out to Dry in Cape Breton (2006) and Spinning Side Kick (2011). The former was shortlisted for the Trillium Book Award for Poetry and the Ottawa Book Award. Lahey is a former editor of Arc Poetry Magazine. Her magazine journalism has appeared in publications ranging from The Walrus and Maisonneuve to Toronto Life and Cottage Life, and has received several National Magazine Award honourable mentions.

Investigative Poetry: Are Poets the New Reporters?

It’s not unusual to come across, within a poem, a metaphor for the writing of poetry. For a reader, such a discovery is satisfying and delightful, and ever-so-slightly unnerving, a blurred window on the inner workings of a made thing. You see it, and then you don’t. And then, by focusing just so, you see it again. Poets do create such – metaphors deliberately, but not necessarily every time they occur. A metaphor may have an intended meaning beneath which some clue to Ars Poetica lurks.

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