Abbra Kotlarczyk

Abbra Kotlarczyk was raised on Bundjalung Country in the subtropical ruins of a decommissioned banana plantation. She makes art, curates, reads, writes, edits, parents and gardens—sometimes all at once—in an attempt to outmanoeuvre the forces that pit us against enmeshment. She is drawn to the fact that Sharon Olds and Ariana Reines create poems out of the ancient Aramaic/Hebrew spell abracadabra/abhadda ked-habra. Like Jackie Wang, she is also a library rat. Unlike Jackie Wang, she is not an assistant (or any other kind of) professor. A poem of hers won the 2022 Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize. She lives on Wurundjeri Woiwurrung Country in Naarm/Melbourne.


The new gay science has me as qualitative rather than quantitative heir of a family business in building; The new gay science prioritises the technology of story over the false determinacy of seed to interpret the light and lovely blond …

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My Kathy Acker

(Corymbia citriodora) I’m by the Lake reading Jackie Wang’s grieving turn away from another body of water when I cross the bridge turn away from this collection of spent vessels still coursing while a black swan aerates its middle down …

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Sonar for Conception

I. your arrival was a kind of heliography you came with the sunrise: a seven hour process that set the platetone you, the lavender oil laid down to wipe away the steely toned posterior of my ambivalence now turned gooey. …

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