Little Hank and I

By | 1 November 2015

Inside the chateau of crimson knickerbockers
We hopscotch through doorways full of children
One hundred lashes
And a wink from the chariot master
Hiding inside the gift box
Vegemite on white bread toast
No crust
I don’t recall exactly when I wanted to
Because I want to meet you
Because I’ve never met you

I am the Oxen
Dancing in the fertile dreams of yawning furrows
Blink, Blink
Hey Mr.
With the toucan marvels
Hide me behind the bird song lullabies
I promise to brush my teeth
You’re always sharpening your pencil
Lead is heavy
Hot pink firecrackers
And you fly around the city in your wagon
Howling incandescent hymns out onto the porches
Horticultural snobbery
You taught me a flower is the enigmatic blossoming
Of reform
You have hair that fished in the lake
And feet that held on
I think

I make kite boat silhouettes
I walk great distances
And I see you
Hugging the chair legs
You hold up a nursery
Demanding all of the diamond hydrangeas
For me
But all I wanted was Bobby from Arkansas
Falling asleep
Broad merino clarinet shoulders
You play me the winds of Autumn
Auburn snow grasshoping between the leaves
You are close as ever
Because I want to meet you
Because I’ve never met you

You bought me a kite yesterday
Hold my hand
You tell me to look towards the Moon
Follow the needle string
Somewhere between here
And there
You are always under my chin
Look up
Patching melodies that the mountains pluck
I ride on your shoulders from Yosemite to Strathbogie
Your feet tell a story
Size 11 bootstrap braille
Pine needles
Salt bush
You and me tasted it all

I ride the ghost train to school
Route 106
Along the smoky starfish coast
Winding down and pop
The merry-go-round grows off the tall window statues
Packed Tupperware lunchbox
When you get home we’ll dance the foxtrot
No tracks at home
Crouching in the quilted muffling of my lucidity
You bring extra cushions
Bright yellow ladybirds
Hazy blue fabrications
Keep me warm
Because I want to meet you
Because I’ve never met you

I am in love with Frankie
Enamel cups
And sunsets at Margret’s with Tupelo Honey
Too much red wine
Rushing blood
We are never cold at night
You tell us of the time you went droving
Digging your spurs into the rugged heart of the desert
To muster cleanskin Mickey bulls
Old Murray pulling bores
He’d come back stained forever
And you wake up with the stock camp
Saddle Atlas
And ride off to the next contract
From Heartbreak to Avon Downs
They’d see you at dawn
Akubra saluting the bush gods

That’s why I live in the treetops
In the granite
And the gum nuts
Whistling into the leafy tundra
When the Sun rears its head
Because I want to meet you
Because I’ve never met you

I am over
And under
My floral jungle bouquet youth
And the river is running with breast milk
I am in love with Frankie
And little Hank

But what should I tell him
That you told me
Because I’ve never met you
And you’ve never met me.

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