Napoleon’s plunder

14 December 2009
Napoleon's plunder
including a few concepts that enabled couch surfing at home
of Baylen’s bane did Bonaparte cry “Dupont give me back my Legions”
He was a small man, but with big legions
who envied Caesar and Charlemagne their regions
addicted as he was to real estate reality television
and the thought that the sword was mightier than the word.
were not the sort of beauty his military eye caressed.
nor maps mere geography beneath his grasp
but conquered at last by Josephine undressed —
The 1812 invader
the father of a civil code, freedom of religion, destruction of elitism
	a codes with strong echoes did ya know?
me when I arrived, saddle-sore and frozen, starving for my own, alas
	there is more treachery than wolves
in the embrace of a long-dead French autocrat.
Ah, those days! The guillotine, a gentler, kinder
wolf made by man, yes Man,
	plundering stiff necks and starched brows; disposing of innocence and guilt alike
	as if they were rough confetti at a peasant wedding
which fell to the earth, and were the earthenware of our lives.
but i don't want to follow that craft anymore
- the flags of Austerlitz fall in bloodied folds across the savage years
pleasantries aside
we've another long cold night ahead

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