Five Hundred Mornings

By | 1 May 2017

Mornings begin with a raven
and magpie lark shadow boxing
in winged profile –
my study of two forms,

framed in a square of light.
These companions – small,
tousled, analogous to coastal life
on roofs and aerials

counterpoint a bathing ritual:
I pray, proffered hands
sluicing water to wakefulness.
A lace skeleton, the morning

backlit with feathers
and burned coral edges.
No need to personify
the magpie lark as lonely refugee –

more an imprint of shadow
that darts and weaves,
shrieking its dissonance.
In this northern light,

birds bewitch with coded talk
over the dark form houses
tuckeroos printed in relief,
and a red-eyed warbler

chiming last notes. Raven,
magpie lark, windblown foam
and sea spray piled up –
soft collisions in every window.

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