Sitting At A Table In A McDonald’s On Rundle Street

By | 1 May 2021

these sesame seeds are shaped like tears on purpose /
but i’m in an xl t-shirt on accident /
yellow as my best friend
from middle school / when she kept watching a film
about the awful things humans do to animals /
i’d say / why you wanna watch that? it’s gunk /
her midnight macaroni melted to one side of the bowl as she /
dreamt about smoking a cigar / or a textbook /
and this is exactly what i am /
praising my blood when it mostly works like it’s
supposed to / creating the wound myself
when i can’t explain why it should be there / i fucked up when i tried
to bury the past inside me /
my best friend is still watching that documentary /
she is still wondering why we brutalise the things we adore /
why the fuck aren’t you watching it? /
she’d said /
i don’t know man / i guess i’m not ready to admit
when i’ve done something unforgivable; / or when i should make up
for it, at least /

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