Terniator 2

By | 1 June 2022

Fan poem for the artists in the zine program at Arts Project Australia where I work.

What is happening in the room… let’s see

Painstaking concentration, faithful representation secretly abstracted
Little red riding hood etched in stained prismacolour glass
Fastidious detail, noting every single stitch
Laser printing at a glacial pace

Sexy winking NFTs
Mix’n’match looks
Algorithmically selected

Bad lockdown monster defeated by ripped magpie & svelte shark on legs
Breathtaking perspective rendered without reference
Plucked from the complex depths of the artists’ minds eye

Helping with your Bachelor application and your MAFs application
Facilitating fantasy; 2 girlfriends, many phones
Clone stamping hair, cloning whole self
Sending in drones to steal decorating ideas
Intimate bath scene in every. single. zine
Number 3s mean it’s time to go somewhere

You singing along to thong song as my new ringtone
Making fun of actors volumes 1 through 5
The lowest of impact sickest of burns
Electric hues decorating wrestlers
Volcanic paper storm of endless puns

Full paint pen spectrum arranged in a square
Methodical dots, countless colour schemes
Mamma Mia cap, Moulin Rouge just viewed

Shapes snack pack
Golden crunch microwave crinkle cut
Cascading crumbs
Detergent-green cordial

Comic featuring bloopers in which the princess flips off the agent
Soundtrack: Savin’ Me by Nickelback
Jeans with sneakers, black leather pants
Aaahh (angrily) we will not be squashing the piggies!

Relentless torture followed by relentless romance
Particularly between Rose & Jack
OK, strictly between Rose & Jack
“I love torture it’s so cute”
Toxicly hot colour combinations
How can something so wrong feel so right
Addiction to a moment in time (1997)

Momentum through collaboration
Everything glows like gory bubblegum
Remembering the shape of sea foam

Machine club meter maid
Rocky Horror Rocky Balboa
Bisexual gayness
Vivid texta

K-pop sensation in Spiderman suit
Dangling upside down blowing a kiss

Power range, Art Attack
Extreme close ups of online shopping for office supplies
Blossoming fondness between Jin & Jun
A proposal nobody expected: Will you be my mother?
The odd sunset here and there
Breaking up the action

Merger with Mythbusters
Now we all work at Mythbusters with the Mythbusters crew
The company car is an old rust bucket
In keeping with the signage

Anyway apologies for bootlegging your thoughts
I know you don’t like it when I steal your thoughts
It’s because on the most-part I love your thoughts
And when you do them out loud they become my thoughts too

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