Lawnside Snake Hermeneutics

By | 1 June 2022

Hold your body at the angle
at which your body must be held

Here is a word: rattle

and having and having and having
now is a time to have

If I say: the you behind you
is a tucked stubbed toe and:

pull back from a memory
the you watching is syruped
in lightless cherry pie filling

Then you: know this was already
the case and yes you are
born only to say: I remember
the fuzz-pop particulars of being born

Here is a new: memory

yes that failure in your childhood is why
yes I taste your secret shame do you
see how you have to believe

look up over your wet head
take that peak down between legs
we are birthing each other

and here see: our ouroboros spreading out over the world
growing only the emptiness inside its loop

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