By | 1 June 2022

I learnt about potential and parallels on Twitter today –
This is the kind of thing I think I might whisper to you in the event of another
sleepover turned
perennial summer.
In the parallel universe, time doesn’t necessarily
any differently than it does now.
(I mean, it’s not like
there’s a world with another me, you,
us after a long stretch of an afternoon /
ducking through sprinklers crinkling our noses at the boar water hitting our shins collapsing
reviving ourselves only to execute high level operations,
pouring warm flat Sunkist into plastic
cups passed down the side of a bunk bed in the half
our laughter soaking through both mattresses –
No small talk between siblings just
I can’t quite explain it so well, but I remember
something about meteors
the sky. Imagine a whole universe where meteors
gather themselves at the throat
leaning against the doorframe departure gates and
Not a ‘what if’ universe,

(Like what if I waved my arms hard enough that I gathered the wind in the crooks of my
elbows and became a bird or something half winged
and I was up there, with you,
in the clouds and you looked out your window and you saw me and the ruckus was so great
that the whole plane landed, and I landed and we went home and we laughed about it all,
(I mean it’s not like there’s a world with another youmeus.)
(I mean that, that’s something unimaginable, isn’t it?)
(I think you’d laugh here. I often imagine you the other half of all my rambling – Do you do
the same? Are you also flossing over that summer? Each crack of a new can a half cough,
half snicker during prayer? Is it so unimaginable that you’re thinking of me too?)

just meteors
reverse blinking out of the sky, ceasing to be. I mean
can you imagine? What it would look like? All that
light, all that smouldering
without fuss?

I think to tell you this months later as I pat gently at a drying shadow
desperately clinging to a single bed.

And the east coast isn’t that far from here but it’s far enough,
sweet boy
and you are just
a boy
in this poem.
If there exists a distance far enough between us
that I can no longer hold you through this phone,
then know that I am so far beyond it I’m already right back next to you.
Know that I’ll weather the dissonance time and time again –
Know that i’m trying.
If there is a universe in which I am no longer your little sister,
I hope it collapses into itself.
I hope it burns.
I hope we wish from our platform of sibling cosmic nothingness to find our way back to each other –
Sweet boy,
I’m on my way, I promise.
So help me God, I will open these borders with my bare hands)

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