By | 1 July 1998

Children don’t fall flat
but there he is
flat silent and broken
if he were awake
he would certainly move
into a more comfortable position

It’s a weird world
morality is fluid
people get shot
people get fucked
extraordinary things happen constantly
then a young boy, alone
on a shop awning
is not so strange
it registered, though

From an open window
he walked towards the front of
the overhanging
looked down
chewing on nothing to get some spit
there were no cars directly below
so he went sideways –
a supporting rod lead from the building
to the edge of the awning
a large bolt fixed it solid
he lifted a leg over
where the bolt protruded
and looked down
his weight was committed
and he fell

like an arrow
head first
arms stretched out in front
he was diving
there was no water
I closed my eyes

When I opened them, moments later,
I was surprised, confused
expecting to see him
stuck up to his waist in the road
and ripples in the asphalt

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